“Abiy regime’s brand has been generating crisis.”

Abiy regime generated crisis has been the defining feature of the regime for the last 3+ years. The #WarOnTigray is another generated crisis started with deadly miscalculations of his capability & the people and government of #Tigray. At the core of the #WarOnTigray lays an ambition of taking the republic back to its unceremonious past. The #TigrayFamine that condemned >5.2M in dire need of life saving assistance, including 1million people facing famine & 100s dying daily, isn’t enough. Abiy regime’s cruel tactic of diversion of the attention of the international community and the people of #Tigray, from his policy of humanitarian blockade is generating bigger crisis by shelling with air strike #Mekelle, capital with ~1M population 4 times in 4 days.





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