‘‘Mass killings as political instrument…’’

Targeted mass killings have been political instruments in the last almost 5 years. From an instrument of mobilizing to the genocidal war on Tigray to an instrument of reconfiguration of the Ethiopian empire. What they have in common is, all are systemic, regime led, and a means to further a political objective.

If the modus operandi of the regime could be a lesson, one should avoid the smoke screen, and it will become crystal clear that Abiy regime as it always does is triggered the generated crisis to achieve what the regime has been hell-bent from its day one.

One may ask, why now? In the analysis of the Abiy regime, the biggest obstacle for a reconfigured Ethiopia has been the Government of Tigray is dealt with and others are less significant to worry about. Regime officials have never cared to obscure their plans. Even a singer turned General, Bacha Debele went to the extent of ‘‘ደደብ ማን ነው? ብላችሁ ብትጠይቁኝ: ‘ ከህውሓት የማይማር ነው’ እላችሁ ነበር::’’ The message is, who have done it in Tigray and no one will stop us from doing it anywhere, including in Oromia.

Abiy used Berhanu Nega as a political thermometer with his 16 minutes monologue with the core message of the existing constitutional order should be reconfigured and regional states will no more be in charge of their internal peace and security.

No one should be surprised when Abiy or his accessories formalize these well coordinated political messages. These should have been points of the all-inclusive national dialogue. As the Ethiopian regime only wants the notion of peace than a sustainable peace, only the notion of national dialogue has been Ethiopian regime’s preference.

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